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Body Thoughts:
an Our Bodies Production

Does your body talk to you? Are you really listening? What the heck does it even mean to have a body!? 

These are ‘our bodies’. The piece aims to inspire love and acceptance of the diverse human form amongst the ensemble and audience. This is a conversation of experience and effects in our society. An ensemble of multidisciplinary artists will take a slice of their life and work together to develop an updated reflection of opinions on the living body, our living bodies. 


This is a yearly endeavor to answer the question ‘what does it mean to have a body’. Our first iteration was last February 2021 on zoom. The piece included original music, thematic skits, personal improvised storytelling, and even hand-painted art gifted to winners of a theatrical game show thrown in the middle! The piece is completely devised and meant to use a diverse palate of performance to express our ensemble's current experience in their ever-changing bodies.



Our Bodies 2022 performance is presented by Wow Cafe Theater!

Check out the program below!


Directed and Conceived by Crystal-Marie Alberson

Devised and Performed by Bryce Payne, Crystal-Marie Alberson, Jordan Sison, Kat Christensen, Kyle Velazquez, Rebecca Ozer, and Siobhan Hunter

Produced by Letter of Marque Theater Company as part of the Lieutenants Lab program 2021

Body Thoughts, Young Ethels.jpeg

Body Thoughts

3rd Annual Production Coming 
to Young Ethel's Bar and Stage, May 25th
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